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Club Permit Overview

The aim of the Club Permit is to protect our vehicle heritage by encouraging enthusiasts to keep their classic cars, motorbikes, vehicles over 25 years old, on the road. Goldwing Club of Australia (GWCA) members can obtain a substantial reduction in the annual vehicle registration fee, but are limited to 45 or 90 days use per year.

The Club Permit Scheme (CPS) is operated by VicRoads in conjunction with issuing clubs and Victoria Police ensuring compliance.

The Club Permit Scheme allows approved Car Clubs to have their member’s unregistered vehicles older than 25 years to be driven on public roads while displaying the historic plates, or red plates as they are commonly called. Permits are available for 45 or 90 days and any use of the vehicle for the day from the place of residence must be entered into the Log Book provided. The Log Book may be audited by the Club or VicRoads at any time.

The approved Car Club is responsible for maintaining the administration, approval and ongoing compliance with the conditions of the CPS for all its members who have their vehicles on club plates. Failure by an individual or a club to properly maintain this compliance and abide by the regulations imposed may see the eligibility for the CPS removed from the individual or the club ceasing historic registration for all members of that club.

Victoria Police still enforce road rules, speed and other infringements and may deem a vehicle unsafe to be on the road in the same way it does for fully registered vehicles.

Requirements of the GWCA for eligibility of the CPS

  • You cannot have personalised plates, or keep your original Registration number.
  • You must remain a financial member of the GWCA at all times.
  • Your vehicle must be over 25 years old and be kept in roadworthy condition.
  • A valid Roadworthy Certificate is required to enter a vehicle on the CPS.
  • Formal approval by way of official paperwork is required by the GWCA Club Permit Officer initially and at each 12 month renewal.

GWCA Requirements

  • The GWCA CPS Service Fee is $45 for initial CPS application and $30 for each renewal thereafter. The renewal fee will be waived if the member attends a min of 1 gazetted event / rally in the year. Fees will be reviewed and agreed upon at each GWCA AGM.
  • The GWCA CPS Officer may request viewing your CPS Log Book in person or by requesting a photocopy or scan showing recent entries from you log book at any time.

Your Vehicle has passed the various stages and you receive your Club Plates

 You need to ensure that you abide by all the regulations and conditions of the Club Permit Scheme, the key items being.

  • A proper entry is made in your vehicle Log Book prior to beginning your journey for that day.
  • The Log Book must be carried with the Vehicle at all times
  • The window label must be attached to the Vehicle. For Motorbikes, the label must be an approved holder at all times
  • You do not exceed the number of days allocated to your permit, either 45 or 90 days.
  • The Club Permit is not registration. If you breach the conditions of your Permit, such as, letting your Club membership lapse, you will be penalised for driving an unregistered vehicle.

As part of the CPS rules you must be a financial member at all times so, it is your responsibility to renew your membership before the end of the GWCA financial year, March 31. This date may not coincide with your CPS permit renewal date and if you're still driving your vehicle while not financial you're committing an offence by being in breach of the CPS legislation. To protect the interests of the GWCA and its members, non-financial members on the CPS will have their details passed on to VicRoads.

Text Box: If for any reason your vehicle becomes unregistered due to infringement, failure to remain a financial member or the vehicle is deemed un-roadworthy by the Club or Victoria Police then you will have to re-apply for the Club Permit and that would include obtaining a current Roadworthy Certificate.
Depending on the circumstances of the breach the GWCA may decide to decline your application.

Club Plates Registration Process

To better understand the process and the required steps and documentation to get your Vehicle onto the Club Permit Scheme have a look through this article. Make a point to contact the Club Permit Scheme officer first to discuss what you are planning to do and help avoid unnecessary delays or trips to VicRoads.

Transferring Registration to the CPS

If you currently have a Motorbike that you would like to move onto the GWCA Club Permit Scheme you will need to be a financial member of the Goldwing Club of Australia Inc.

If you currently have Vehicle other than a Motorbike that you would like to move onto the GWCA Club Permit Scheme you will need to be a financial member of the Goldwing Club of Australia Inc, for a minimum of 3 years.

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your membership of the GWCA is up-to-date. If you're not a member, you will need to join the GWCA first.
  2. Obtain a current Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC) from a licensed VicRoads Inspector. Note: The GWCA does NOT provide any kind of letter of safety certification for the vehicle.
  3. Complete a VicRoads “Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles Form” and a VicRoads “Club Permit Application Form”. Available from
  4. Send the Club Permit Application Form, together with a photocopy of the RWC and colour photos or photo print-outs of your motorbike to be stamped and signed, to the CPS Officer. The CPS Officer will send the stamped and signed form back to you.
  5. You need to include a cheque or arrange a bank transfer of $45. This is the prescribed GWCA service fee and is independent of either the GWCA membership fee or any VicRoads charges.
    Account Details. Goldwing Club of Australia BSB 063510 Acc 10203420
  6. Take the returned stamped and signed forms to a VicRoads office and pay the Permit fee.
  7. Apply the sticker to your Vehicle and paste the signed and stamped permit form in your new log book. Note: Your Permit is not valid until it has a stamp from VicRoads as well as the CPS Officer Signature and GWCA Club stamp on it.
  8. You must then email or post the number of your new permit to the GWCA Club Permit Officer.

Photos must be current at time of application and certified as such.

  • It is a requirement at the time of endorsing a vehicle for a Club Permit the club is in possession of dated photographs that include images for:
  • For cars and trucks of the front, driver’s side, rear, driving position (side on with the driver’s door open).
  • For motorcycles of both sides, front and rear.
  • Where possible, any identifiers such as chassis number and engine number should also be photographed.


Contact details for the Club Permit Officer (CPS Officer) will be published in every "Wing'n It" newsletter or you can contact the CPS Officer here.

You may contact the CPS Officer if you need to have the forms signed in person, or, alternatively, bring all the required paperwork to a club rally or event for signing. You must contact the organiser to confirm that the Scrutineer or CPS Officer, will be attending.

Annual Renewal

When the 12 months of your Club Permit is about to expire, VicRoads should send you a renewal form and a log book. However, it is your responsibility to drive a registered vehicle so, 'Vicroads didn't send the stuff' is not an excuse. The renewal form, like the original application form, has to be stamped and signed by the Club Permit Officer before it is valid.

To renew, follow these steps:

  1. If the renewal form is for 90 days but you'd prefer 45 days (or vice versa), phone VicRoads and they will send you a revised renewal form.
  2. Make sure your membership of the GWCA is up-to-date.
  3. If you have not attended any gazette events or Rallies during the year, you need to include a cheque or arrange a bank transfer of $30
  4. Send the renewal form to the CPS Officer to be stamped and signed. The form will then be sent back to you.

Alternatively, you can have it signed at Club Rallies / events or contact the CPS Officer to arrange another time.

  1. Pay the Permit Fee to VicRoads.
  2. Apply the sticker to your motorbike and paste the signed and stamped permit form in your new log book. Note: Your Permit is not valid until it has a stamp from VicRoads as well as the CPS Officer Signature and GWCA stamp on it.

Text Box: The window label must be attached to the Vehicle. For Motorbikes, the label must be in an approved motorbike registration label holder at all times

Facebook Group Overview

The Facebook page Goldwing Club of Australia Group is administered by the Goldwing Club of Australia.

Key Objectives

  • To reach out, link up and get to know other Goldwing and Valkrie riders.
  • Promote sharing group knowledge; bike technical and ride technical.
  • Promote Safety.
  • Forum to promote your own rides for others to join in.
  • Promote the values of our Goldwing Club of Australia Inc.

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