To join the Goldwing Club of Australia Inc

Please download the application form from the link below.


Membership Form


Information, contact details and payment options are contained within the application form.

Initial joining fee $30 for Individual members or $30 per person for Family.

Annual membership of $30 for Individuals and $40 for Family - due 31st March each year.

Note Joining members do not pay their yearly membership until the next 31st March.


 Once you have been registered as a member you can apply to join the Goldwing Club of Australia Facebook closed group.

At time of membership application please advise if you have a Facebook page with your details and you will be invited to join the GWCA Facebook Group.

Please note: The purpose of our Facebook group is to provide a discussion and sharing forum for registered GWCA members and is not; open to, or viewable by, the general public.




We regularly hold rallies and social meetings at different parts around Australia and would welcome any potential members to come along.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.